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JAMU Foot Spa  

a healing herbal "sole to soul" therapy 
Remove only your shoes and socks to immerse yourself in an experience
that will bring your entire body to a renewed sense of relaxation, comfort and vitality. 
Try our signature foot spa...featuring a steaming foot bath scented with
organic essential oils, herbs and salts. 
Relax with a scrub therapy, a acupressure foot and leg massage. 
Followed by a therapeutic reflex treatment to soothe your feet and "sole".  
Enjoy as a herbal healing therapy "for one" or bring your friends for a
special time to reconnect and celebrate. 
We can accommodate groups of 2-4 individuals for special events.

Nourish, De-Tox, Soothe, Balance with pure organic products... creating wonderful results.
We can help you choose the therapy to best suite your goals
Please schedule with Judith Morey RN, ND  for reflexology and foot health therapy...
as a Foot Care Nurse she can assist with foot and nail treatment, and help to manage symptoms of
plantar fasciitis, diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis, injury or post-op recovery

Barefoot Dash 
a 45 min herbal soak and a foot massage.  Re-energize from your toe to head with an mint salt foot soak ...uplift your spirit from"sole to soul" with pure organic oils and essences.. 
Your feet will thank you...and you will love it /  $50 
Barefoot Work
a 60 min therapy that includes an herbal soak, botanical scrub and a reflex- foot massage   / $70
  • "Rest and Relax"   Our signature therapy...Calm your soul and spirit with an herbal footbath and scrub.  Relax and unwind with calming Bali Flower essences and a gentle rhythmic touch to release stress from your feet and tension from your body.  Surrender to a mini tropical vacation!
  • "Barefoot Ritual"   For one or four...spend time with someone special, or enjoy this special therapy as well deserved personal time.  Celebrate life, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, transitions and events.  Products vary with seasons and celebrations...we would be honored if you choose "the Barefoot" for your celebrations.

Barefoot Therapy

 an 80 min integrative therapy that includes an herbal footbath, scrub, and reflex- foot massage.  Hot stones or herbal poultice and warm packs are added for additional healing and relaxation / $95 

Please notify your therapist of any health or medical conditions that may affect the sensitivity in your feet and skin to touch or temperature. 

Therapeutic Bodywork
Our professional staff will assist you with a health assessment
consult to better provide you with personalized care.  


please schedule the following therapies with Judy:


Reflexology is the application of specific pressure techniques, from a gentle energetic touch to a more direct (but always comfortable), pressure on the body, face, ears, hands, arms, feet and legs.  Only your shoes and socks need to be removed to experience a deep relaxation and calm, a feeling of balance and centering, re-energizing and restored vibrancy.   It is the most holistic of therapies...addressing the mind, body and spirit, improving health from general systems to very specific focus..  It brings together the essence of bio-energetic therapy,  the touch of massage, and the focus of acupressure into a truly unique personalized experience.  Clinical reflexology is not a salon therapy, but well researched modality, often thought of as "needleless acupuncture". Definitely a therapy to experience for reduce stress and restore comfort. 

Clinical Reflexology / Foot Therapy (in a recliner)

A foot spa therapy with a focus on a foot health and  reducing symptoms of injuries, diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis, and post-op recovery.  Over 75% of Americans have foot problems...toe and/or toenail  disorders, or skin conditions due to activity or diseases.  Most are preventable with early detection and intervention.  Products and therapy will be specific to needs, pain reduction and comfort management. Please also see below for additional medical foot care information.

60 min/  $80

Reflexology Therapy (on a massage table)
A holistic combination of reflexology, bio-energy and acupressure applied to the feet and ears.  Includes an herbal foot soak. Remove only your shoes and socks to experience a deeply relaxing and healing therapy creating physiological and emotional balance. Especially helpful for general stress management and /or specific foot pain.

60 min / $85.00


Deeply relaxing therapeutic reflexology and bioenergetics, focusingon specific health concerns, stress, pain and comfort management, balancing physiology and specific areas of stress reduction. Includes a therapeutic foot soak and reflexology to ears, hands and feet. Also, helpful for specific foot concerns of arthritis, neuropathy, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, injury and post-op recovery.

80 min/$105

Integrative Reflexology

Clinical reflexology with the addition of hot stones, poultice, lazer, dry skin brushing or teshin therapy for a deeper intensity of care management. Includes a health history, review , holistic care plan and evaluation , as well as a therapeutic foot soak. 

1 hour and 45 minutes minutes / $135.00

Aroma-Zone Reflexology

Clinical reflexology with the addition of specific therapeutic essential oils and /or herbal remedies applied to the back, ears, arms and legs .  Research indicates this reflex-zone therapy is effective to boost immunity, reduce stress, balance physiology, reduce inflammation and aids to detox the body. It is deeply relaxing and restores homeostasis of the mind and body.

90 min/ $120

Bio-Energetic Healing Touch

A light touch healing therapy combined with aromatherapy to focus on balancing energy, calming the mind and  soothing the spirit. Reset and re-tune your intentions, your focus and healing goals.

60 min/$85




Routine Medical Foot Care

is the most efficient and valuable opportunity for individuals to receive preventable care and consultation for wellness. Foot problems can be the first sign of medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders.  As a nursing specialty, Judy, a foot care nurse will provide more than a pedicure.  All foot care appointments include an overall wellness assessment, medication review, a comprehensive foot exam, monitoring of chronic disease symptoms, testing for sensitivity, nerve and circulatory changes, hygienic and prevention maintenance care, toe nail debridement (clipping, cutting or trimming), corn and callous treatment and foot and leg reflex- massage.  Appointments include an herbal soak and times may vary from 30-60 minutes depending on care required.

Organic Facials 

Our skin is where our inner beauty meets the outer world and is more than our surface, it represents our whole health.  Our skin is our largest organ, exposed to effects of stress, the environment, nutrition and hormones.  Learn to support, nurture and maintain radiant youthful skin naturally with pure healthy organic products, rejuvenating acupressure facial massage and cool jade roller therapy.

Refresh organic facial   45 min/  $65

Organic facial with reflexology    75 min /    $105   (includes an herbal salt foot bath, facial and  foot reflexology)

Dermaplane facial   50 min  /  $75


Chronic swelling of an extremity, joint or body region maybe a result of trauma, injury or post-surgery and may require a holistic approach to care.  Touch therapy, nutrition, homeopathy, aromatherapy, elevation and compression maybe included as needed to maintain good skin and tissue health.  After a comprehensive health history, evaluation and assessment of condition, a plan of care can be determined.  Therapy may be focused to 30-60 minutes and/ or combined with additional  modalities.


please schedule the following therapies with Karen:

Swedish/ Light to Medium Touch/ Relaxation Massage
A soothing massage to de-stress and promote an overall feeling of well-being. Gentle to medium pressure adjusted to individual areas of tension enhance circulation, improve muscle tone and induce a deep sense of relaxation.
60 min / $80
90 min / $105

Deep Tissue Massage
A deep tissue therapeutic massage focusing on specific stress and tension areas. Added pressure penetrates fascia and deep muscle layers to reduce muscle soreness and enhance muscle recovery promoting peak performance and relaxation.
30 min / $50

60 min / $85

90 min / $115

Ashiatsu-Barefoot Massage 

Luxurious deep tissue massage for relaxation and pain reduction.  Especially effective for low back discomfort, chronic back pain and neck tension.

60 min / $85

90 min / $110

Bamboo Fusion

For a warm luxurious deep tissue massage.  Heated bamboo is used with organic oils to work through tight muscles to creating the benefit of a deep tissue experience without the discomfort of intense pressure.

60 min / $85 

90 min / $110

Pregnancy / Post-Partum Massage

Let our healing hands reduce tension and increase comfort for the mom-to-be.  The perfect relaxation therapy capturing quiet peaceful moments and reflecting on the miracle of pregnancy and birth.

60 min /$90

90 min /$115

Easing into Labor (please schedule with either Judy or Karen)

A combined therapy with two therapists including an herbal foot soak, massage, reflexology, moxibustion and acupressure.  This therapy encourages the mom-to-be to relax, enjoy some personal quiet time, prepare for labor and reduce the possibility for medical intervention. It is recommended to schedule this therapy after the 39th week of pregnancy and especially after the 41st!

2 hours /$165.00 

Poultice or hot stones maybe added to reflexology or massage therapy

Poultice Therapy

This traditional healing therapy is designed to draw energy and disperse stress, pain and tension in specific areas. An herbal poultice is wrapped, steamed and oiled before applied directly to the skin as a spot treatment and incorporated into rhythmic movement. Take the poultice home for additional use. Wonderful for chronic pain, arthritic conditions and inflammation.
add an additional $20 to any body therapy or 70 min /$105

Hot Stone Therapy 

Warm up with this thermatherapy from the wisdom of ancient healers. Warm river rocks are incorporated into the therapy to elicit soothing earth energy and promote relaxation.
add an additional $10 to any body therapy or 70 min /$95


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