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Optimal health is much more than the absence of symptoms and illness. 
It is the balance of our mind and body, the feeling of wholeness,
confidence in our inner strength and stamina. 
Achieving wellness means taking responsibility for maintaining and improving our own health. 
It means taking care of our physical body,
nurturing our capabilities to be mentally alert, creative and emotionally stable. 
It includes becoming aware of personal patterns, our choices, habits,
body signals and our personal perspectives on healing
Our wellness program includes and customizes therapies, remedies, consultation and
education to access resources to impact and improve health naturally. 



is the practice of "natural health", the study of non-medical, drug-less options,utilizing natural health care choices to take charge of your own health, making a difference in our well-being, longevity.  Naturopathic modalities can include counseling in the role of nutrition, supplements, glandulars, light, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and mechanotherapy.  Naturopathy is a holistic interpretation of health and illness, focusing on the potential cause and symptoms of illness to restore vitality.  It is believed that healing is facilitated through restoring the body's own state of balance by reducing toxic exposure, nourishing the body, managing stress, quieting the mind and nurturing the spirit.  Proactive prevention is the best foundation to health. 
Holistic Consult     30 min / $50.00             60 min/ $75
Experience a new perspective of personal self-health management.  May include a comprehensive holistic health assessment, symptom survey and personal plan of care, education and monitoring of lifestyle, nutrition and vital signs
Saliva tests are available for comprehensive hormones, neurotransmitters & Vitamin D. 

Auricular Acupuncture- "Acu-Detox"
NADA protocol / 5- needle ear acupuncture is utilized to reduce general stress and anxiety, PTSD and trauma symptoms.  Deeply relaxing, "grounding" and especially helpful to change or "re-set" behavior patterns allowing us to make healthier choices.  It can reduce cravings associated with addictions to smoking, alcohol, drugs and eating disorders. Therapy may also incorporate needle-less modalities. 

Individual  Session  45 min / $50
With reflexology   75 min / $95
Group sessions $35 /person
As an add on with any therapy     $25

Clinical Foot and Nail Care

Research states that 75% of Americans have foot or nail problems, most commonly toenail disorders and deformities, skin changes,( callous, corns and fungus), circulatory and neurological conditions, systemic illness, injury or over use activity damage.  Many of these problems can be managed or prevented with regular care and assessment.  Therapy can include foot and nail hygiene, education, screening, trimming and debridement of nails and skin care.  This therapy is a must if you are unable to care for your nails or need regular monitoring, or preventive care to improve the appearance or reduce general foot pain.

Cost is determined by extent of care needed... approximately  60 min / $80



Wellness Visit      90 min / $135
Initial wellness visit to include a 45 min holistic assessment, comprehensive history, nutritional evaluation and general health consult.
Followed by a 45 min bio-energetic therapy, reflexology and personalized plan of care.
Wellness Packages
Customize your "Barefoot" experience to promote significant health changes.
Begin with an initial wellness consult and holistic assessment to create a personalized health plan focusing on individual needs of stress, comfort and/or symptom management.
Learn self-help methods and life-style choices for health promotion.
Each package includes 4 sessions of a customized 1 hour body therapy along with 30+ min holistic consult and education.
  • Package price- $486.00 (a 10% or $54.00 dollar savings compared to individual sessions)
    Focused goals toward:
         "Relaxation"-Identify and reduce stress associated symptoms of cardio-vascular disease, high blood pressure, digestive upsets, insomnia, general tension,pain, discomfort, headaches, etc.    Helpful to reduce all general OTC medication needs.
         "Restorative"-Re-balance at times of change or life transitions. Helpful for symptoms associated with PMS, conception, pregnancy, menopause and peri-menopause, post-surgery and/ or medical treatment.
         "Renewal"-A focus on "detox" or "de-junking" our mind/body. Helpful for symptoms associated with an overtaxed system; allergies, arthritus, sinus conditions, fatgue, etc.
Easing into Pregnancy / Labor      2 hrs / $165.00 
Personalized care, consultation and bodywork to nurture conception or ease into labor 
Includes integrative botanical remedies, essences and aromatherapy,as well as, individualized bodywork.  Includes sessions with two therapists. Please see link on home page. 

Specialty Programs for Personal Health:
  •   Reduce Addictions/ Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Stress, Trauma & Eating Disorders
  •   Manage Stress, Anxiety and mild to moderate Depression 
  •   Wise Womans' Wellness during times of transitions...motherhood through menopause. 
These personalized program includes a variety of therapies to assist with specific health challenges: foot spa, bodywork, restorative therapies and nutritional planning.  Holistic consults and evaluation, along with group work will guide and support individuals as they learn to manage personal health and healing.  Please see community page for start dates and contact the Barefoot for additional information.