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"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." - Hippocrates
Join us in designing your individualized program that supports: balanced diet and proper nutrition, bone health,
detoxification, fat metabolism, immune function, digestion, sugar handling, hormonal balance, pain relief,
repair of tissues, and overall wellness and prevention of poor health. 


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Do you do your best to eat right, but still feel overweight, pain, and fatigue?

What you don't know about your diet CAN hurt you!

We are the "best fed" nation on earth, yet we struggle with a rising incidence of diseases, obesity, and malnutrition.

We have become consumers of highly processed, cheap, convenience foods.  

These processed and fast foods are stripped of nutrients that we all need to survive and be healthy.  

Although we are eating plenty, we are starving our bodies!

The advice on nutrition, supplements and general health can be overwhelming and confusing.

Even when we follow the ever-changing "nutritional guidelines",

we can find ourselves overweight and undernourished, fatigued,

and at higher risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

The words "you are what you eat" have never had such disturbing implications -

the “Standard American Diet” (SAD) can actually make us sick!

Our Wellness and Nutrition Program can help take away the confusion and equip you with the tools you need to achieve better health. We can help you find workable modifications to your diet and lifestyle that will fit your needs and allow you to broaden your understanding of what your body requires in order for it to function better. The good news is, we can take it in small steps!  It’s difficult for anyone to make sweeping changes all at once - this approach has doomed many an effort. We can help you make small changes little by little. This can enable you to adopt new, better habits and discard old ones much more easily - you will notice before long that all your small changes start adding up to big ones!

We use whole food supplements made by Standard Process® to fill the gaps in nutrition.  These whole food supplements are made by concentrating whole, nutritious foods that have been organically grown in good fertile soil.  When this is done correctly, these foods supply a multitude of nutrients, including naturally occurring vitamins and minerals - as food - just the way Mother Nature made them.  They all work together to provide  you with optimal nutrition that supports good health.  We use clinical, and non-invasive tests that gather information about symptoms that you might be experiencing.  These help us evaluate your current health and determine if whole food supplements might benefit you - and which supplements to choose. 

Click Here to learn more about our nutrition program


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