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We understand that women's lives represent a network of transitions and adjustments to change

whether it is monthly cycles, easing into or through pregnancy or navigating menopause.  

We offer personalized care to help you manage these times through a combination of

nutritional support, botanicals, herbal assistance, bodywork therapies and bio-energetics. 

Nurturing Conception
Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant in the future, are having some difficulty with conception or are in the process of fertility treatments...we can help ease you into pregnancy.  We offer a personalized program of individualized therapies, nutritional support and consultation, as well as a 4-12 week program.  The therapy may include pregnancy preparation through education, bodywork including fertility massage, reflexology, bio-energetics, cranio-sacral and botanical remedies.  Learn centering, visualization and meditation...reconnect with your-self, your- body and your emotions.  This approach enhances fertility awareness, physiological support, emotional calm and energetic balancing , and is truly a holistic approach to support conception. A 30 minute free consultation will help to answer any questions.

Easing Into Labor

is an opportunity to connect "the space" between pregnancy and birth.  Childbirth is a time of change and transition to a new beginning...a "Rite of Passage". It is filled with rapid physical adjustments, heightened emotions of wonder and concern, excitement and stress.  Childbirth touches a women and their families to their deepest core and becomes an opportunity to connect with your personal power and this new life getting ready to emerge.  Easing into labor is a holistic preparation for labor.  It includes a variety of natural therapies and techniques to relieve tension, encourage deep relaxation, create confidence and comfort through the birthing process.  Women who have used this method have stated that they have better prepared, experienced emotional calm, immediate physical changes and felt ready for the onset of labor. It is a healing time to let go of pregnancy and often labor has begun within 24-48 hours after appointments.  Women have stated these therapies have reduced the need for medical intervention and are especially helpful for the mom who has past her"Due Date".