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physiotherapy foot reflexology by Ambro

You have amazing feet...hands...and ears!
Your feet, hands and ears are a holographic image of your body, your emotions and energy...and mirror your general health. 
Reflexology uses the application of gentle pressure to reflex points on the feet, hands, or ears.  
These points correspond to the internal organs, glands, and structures of the body, and pressure on these
reflex points can affect and normalize functions in the body.  
The body's natural ability to heal is facilitated and creating a deep sense of calm and comfort.  
Individuals of all ages can enjoy the benefits of reflexology from relaxation to restoring healthy physiology.

Leonardo da Vinci described the foot as "a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art".
Some interesting facts include:
Our feet have 52 bones, 66 joints and an assortment of 200 ligaments, tendons and muscles. 
Each foot has 26 bones, the same number as in our vertebrae, our skull and in each hand. 
Our feet are very sensitive containing about 250,00 sweat glands, releasing about 1 cup of moisture per day and
more sensory nerve endings per inch than any other body region. 
Many scientists credit our feet and not our brains as the greatest influence in our evolution.
Walking and running involve complicated mechanics, balance and 'proprioception"...
the body's ability to see itself and adjust with movement. 
Foot comfort is a direct connection to body/ mind comfort.
Reflexology is not a medically licensed or regulated modality in Ohio, so often there are great variation in technique and therapy.  At the Barefoot, we strive for the highest level of professional practice, national certification, accreditation and education.  In many other countries, reflexology is recognized for the depth and breath of knowledge and the potential impact in pain reduction, to enhance relaxation and sleep, and to manage physical and psychological symptoms.  Research indicates positive outcomes in reducing anxiety, depression, improving organ function, and quality of life. 
Reflexology: Improves circulation
Creates feeling of well-being
Deepens sleep, reduces insomnia
Helps in relief of digestive problems
Slows and deepens breathing
Stimulates mental function and helps concentration
Calms overactivity or stimulates underactivity in the body
 We offer several reflex therapies for relaxation ...  You can choose from the Barefoot Dash, Barefoot Work, or Barefoot Therapy in our signature Jamu Foot Spa.  Come alone for some well deserved quite time, or reconnect with someone special or bring a group to celebrate...we can accommodate up to four.  
If you are experiencing foot pain, please schedule a Clinical Reflexology session.  It is a perfect therapy to address circulation concerns, neuropathy, plantar facitis, diabetic care and over worked feet.
For a fully therapeutic Reflexology session, choose the Acu-Reflexology - a 80 minute session that includes treatment of feet, hands, and ears or
Integrative Clinical / Aroma-Zone Reflexologya 90 minute session incorporating aromatherapy, bio-energetics and personalized therapies to manage stress and symptoms.

What to expect during a reflexology session:

A session will begin with a health history, a consent and  general information about reflexology therapy. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks for a gait and foot assessment. A customized foot bath and possible scrub follows, with a more detailed discussion about any health concerns.  You may remain in the recliner or then move to a massage table.  The reflexologist uses many different techniques to work the both the ears, hands and/or the feet.  The touch pressure therapy is addressing sensitivity, congestion and tension at points, regions and zones, relating to nerves, bones and muscles...bringing the whole body into balance and calm. As stress is released, the body can heal and repair.  Reflexology experiences vary from profound changes to more subtle shifts of sensations of warmth, energy movement, drowsiness, sighing, deep relaxation and peacefulness.  Often there is an awareness of change in specific body areas corresponding to points being worked in the feet, hands and ears, by the therapist. 

Cautions and contraindications to reflexology are determined both by the presenting health conditions and the expertise of the therapist.   Recent fractures, unhealed wounds, vascular disease,  nerve system disease, compromised immunity, children and elderly, pregnancy, auto-immune conditions and psychological concerns require the assessment and treatment with advanced reflexology skills.