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Massage Therapy is probably the most familiar form of bodywork that people know.  It is one of the most natural and non-invasive ways to reduce stress, relax, and get the aches and tightness out of sore muscles!  The word massage has its roots in several languages.  The Latin massa, and the Greek masso, mean to touch, or knead.  The French verb masser also means to knead.  The practice of massage is extremely widespread, with many cultures all over the world having their own unique forms.

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 Massage is a very ancient technique that has been used by humans and animals alike.  Early humans would rub bruises and sore muscles, just as we do today.  Massage has long been used as one of the most natural ways to ease pain and discomfort.  The instinctive behavior in animals of using pressure, or licking, is a way to relieve pain or respond to injury.  The mother animal licking her newborn is another example of massage that helps stimulate circulation, bonding, and socialization of the newborn.

Therapeutic massage is the application of various techniques to soft tissues of the body such as skin, muscles, and fascia.  These techniques are usually applied with the hands, but may also be applied with the foot, knee, forearm, or elbow depending on the size and location of the muscles that are being worked. Varying dept of pressure and intensity is offered through our Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu and Bamboo Fusion massges....and as always,the therapy is customized to meet our clients needs and goals.  

Ashiatsu Massage...What is it?

Ashiatsu is a type of massage therapy in which the therapist walks on the client’s back, using bars for support to vary pressure and weight.  Beginning in the East, ashiatsu’s history spans several continents and more than 3,000 years.  Many different styles of barefoot massage have originated from India, Japan, Thailand, China, and the Phillipines.  Brought into the mainstream U.S. massage industry as "ashiatsu oriental bar therapy" in 1999 by Ruthie Hardee, this western application was derived from a myriad of classic sources.  This style of massage is done with the client lying face down on the massage table, draped in a sheet.  The massage therapist uses a set pf parallel bars above the massage table for support while essentially dancing on the client’s back combining long, flowing strokes with the feet.  The western spin on barefoot massage is known to improve posture, relieve pain and stress, treat spinal problems, and provide an incredibly deep massage, all while still being gentle.  “With regular massage, the #1 complaint is that the therapist didn’t go deep enough” Hardee says.  The intensity of this massage can be tailored to the needs of the client.

Massage Therapy can be helpful for:

-  Pain relief

-  Stress relief

-  Improved circulation

-  Removal of wastes and toxins from muscles

-  Improved sleep

-  Easing of muscle stiffness and tightness 

What to expect if this is your first massage
---Plan on coming about 10 minutes early.  You will need to fill out a brief health history and consent form.
---Your massage will be given in a private room.  The massage therapist will leave the room while you disrobe.  You only need to take off as much clothing as you feel comfortable about removing.  
---The massage table is comfortable, and made up with fresh, clean linens.  There is a bottom sheet, which you will lay down on, and a top sheet and light blanket, which you will cover up with - very much like getting into bed.  During the massage, only the body part being massaged is uncovered.  Modesty is observed at all times, and private areas of the body are never uncovered or touched.
---Lotion or oil is normally used on the skin to help make the massage strokes glide smoothly and not irritate the skin.  Please be sure to let the therapist know if you have any particular allergies to any oils or lotions.  Massage can be adapted and comfortably done without lubricants if it is necessary.