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Every Tuesday...is Community Day for $39.00 therapies! 

Your choices are:

45 min Barefoot Dash

45 min Auricular Acupuncture

30 min Focused Deep Tissue Massage

45 min Organic Acupressure Facial

(please call ahead for appointments...and please note that other coupons cannot be used for these therapies )


According to the Eastern Calendar... this is the year of the Monkey.
It is a year when anything can happen...follow your heart, your intuition and welcome new challenges
It is a year to create good health, clarity and calm...a year to explore new opportunities and solutions.
This year, think of your goals as a journey, a life strategy, making small healthy changes and gradually moving into feeling better, more vital and more relaxed.
Is there such a thing to have calm and energy at the same time?  Yes!
Learn to revitalize and nourish by reducing everyday stress on our bodies and minds, and look forward to a year of activity and new adventures.
Explore the many options available to detox, rejuvenate and
restore healthy habits.  Ask about our
10 Day Female Vitality Program
or the
10 Day Balancing Blood Sugar Program
or the
21 Day Purification Program
to get you started toward a energized and healthy fall and winter.

Visit us for a
 Natural Nutrition Consultation Focusing on
Whole/ Organic Food Nutrition, Supplementation and Detoxification
and a Symptom Survey and Toxicity Analysis 
Let us help you navigate the maze of health claims and labels...
Please join us if you would like to:
Transform Your Life
"De-junk"...Purify and Cleanse Your Body
Feel More Vibrant and Energetic
Loose Weight and Jump Start Your Metabolism
Learn the Facts about Natural Nutrition

receive a 10% discount off Purchased Purification Program
(product purchase optional)




Registration Form for Classes

Please Register ahead and get confirmation for all classes...

2 days prior to all community classes and  

2 weeks prior to Professional Acupuncture and Reflexology Programs 

Thank you.

Community Reflexology
An introduction to the basics of
reflexology concepts. 
Learn to manage personal and
family health concerns....
"thinking outside the pillbox". 
Great for headaches, stress symptoms,
digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety
and general discomfort.
TBA  please check back
Cost: 45.00 per person
Check back for
Parent and Child Reflexology Class
and Partners Reflexology Class