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No two people are alike, and neither are their nutritional needs. Whether you just want to switch from your conventional multivitamin to a whole-food one, or work on addressing larger problems with our symptom and toxicity surveys. We can help you!
Initial consultation (1 hour) - $70.00   Includes a review of the symptom survey program results, toxicity questions, a physiologic/ bio-energetic touch test and a personalized wellness- care recommendation.
Subsequent consultations (1/2 hour) - $30.00 

Ask us! We'd be happy to answer your questions!
To start our program, you will receive a packet that includes the following forms to fill out:
Symptom Survey form
Toxicity Survey form
Daily Food Diary form
Additional General Whole-Food Philosophy information
You'll need to make an appointment to go over these forms after you fill them out and send them back to us.  The appointment can be made when you request the materials - please complete and return the packet several days before your scheduled appointment to give us time to enter your survey results into our computer program and organize them into detailed reports for you.
This appointment will take about an hour.  We will discuss the items you filled out on your forms and what you would like to do to address them.  If there are supplements that can help you support your nutritional goals, we will discuss these with you, as well as any changes you might want to think about making to your eating habits or lifestyle.  Please remember, the journey starts with a single step - If you feel you want to develop new, healthier habits, you can decide how much you want to take on at one time.  It all doesn't have to happen overnight.  We will schedule a followup appointment with you, if one is needed, for about 3 weeks after your initial appointment.
 At your followup appointment, which will last about half an hour, we will go over whatever changes you may have decided to make in your eating, lifestyle, and how you feel about them.  We will also review whatever supplements you might be taking and go over questions you may have.  Keep in mind, whole food supplements are just that - food which is highly nutrient dense and concentrated.  They are not drugs, and you will not see dramatic changes in your symptoms like you would with drugs.  Whole food supplements provide your body with the materials it needs to repair itself and heal from the inside out rather than just suppressing symptoms.  Over time, as your body rebuilds in a natural way, you should start feeling improvements.  This will be most effective if you are also making positive changes to your eating and lifestyle habits that you can stick with. 
Other follow up appointments can be made as needed to help you progress with your plan.  As certain symptom groups are addressed, we will move on to other ones.  We may find that as you progress, you may need less of one particular supplement and move on to another as you address your body's needs.  The process is dynamic - your needs will likely change as you go along.  There is no set formula, we address each person's needs on an individual basis. 
Many people have had dramatic positive results in restoring vitality and reducing "lifestyle" induced symptoms.

Just the Basics!
Consider our general health package of Catalyn® is our multi, Tuna Omega-3® and Trace Minerals B-12 can help cover your basic requirements, and they're a great place to start! 
Purification Program:
Our 21 day detox program can reset and cleanse your physiology...helping your body function more efficiently.  Supporting your digestive system and liver health can help you to reduce many "dis-ease" symptoms, lose weight and  re-energize.  Products include a complete protein powder, a whole food fiber, a nutrient cleanse and a green food supplement.  Additional support is offered with a personal on-line program (giving you daily insights and encouragement), a recipe book (offering many healthy ideas), and a monthly nutrition program to answer questions and relay information.  After completion, a post-purification program will continue the health benefits and navigate you to continued better nutrition.  It is a "life-style reset"...reminding us to think about the foods we eat and encouraging healthier choices.
Many individuals have experienced profound results and recommend making this program a regular part of their health plan.

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