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Please utilize this registration form or contact our office for our Community Classes,

as well as the Professional Programs on Reflexology and Auricular Therapy. 


*Please contact our office to conferm each event, program and registration...

especially prior to making any travel and lodging reservations.


We look forward to working with you and please let us know any specific personal

or professional areas of interest so it can be incorporated into the program.

Title/ License:(if applicable)

Home:                        Cell:                  Work:          
Date and Title of Program / Class:
**For the professional reflexology and auricular therapy programs,
payment in full is expected two weeks prior to start of class
$100.00 deposit maybe sent in earlier to hold place in class. 
Once a class is confirmed, refunds will be issued as credit. 
Please return this information to Judy Morey at
barefootrnr@msn.com or fax to 513-271-5882
Barefoot RnR
7754 Camargo Rd Suite 12
Madeira,Ohio 45243
Please call with any questions work: 513-271-5881 or cell 513-257-1368
**Please wait for confirmation of program schedule before making definate travel plans.